Monday, October 8, 2012

A Year of Gratitude: Day Three Hundred Forty-three

Day 343 – History Repeated

Back on May 20, 2000, I moved to Long Beach from Los Angeles.  I didn’t realize it as I scheduled it, that I had chosen the weekend of Long Beach Gay Pride, and I moved into an apartment two blocks from the staging area of Sunday’s parade.  It was an exhausting move, despite it being only thirty miles or so, and I had only enough energy to walk the length of the park to see all the parade entries, watch people, and eventually walk back home.  I took a nap.

Fast forward to May 20, 2012; it’s Long Beach Pride weekend.  I just moved in yesterday to my new place in Long Beach, most of my belongings having been delivered (I’m being kind) from Portland, and today is the parade.  I walked down to Ocean Boulevard and to the first of two pride parties – breakfast at Ricky’s and then the parade watch at Dennis’.  I had only enough energy to watch the parade and the people for awhile, and eventually walk back home.  I took a nap.

The fact that history was repeating itself was a good sign: it helped me accept that things would become more comfortable in time, and that I’d get back into a sense of normalcy.  It happened that way before, so I could expect it to repeat.  Thank goodness, because this has been a tough weekend.

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