Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Year of Gratitude: Day Three Hundred Fifty-four

Day 354 - Visual Health

I had my first appointment with my optometrist in over three years.  I am usually very good about having an annual check-up, but having been without insurance for so long, I couldn’t afford it.  I tried Costco, but was disappointed with everything, including the glasses (except the optician who helped me get the right lenses into the glasses – he was great).  Now that I have vision benefits through my work, I can go back to Dr. Mark Bisson.

It was a good experience, of course.  I really like Dr. Bisson, and trust him - I've been his client for over a decade.  I was able to buy frames I actually like (instead of the cheapest available) because of the subsidy.  The advantages that come from being employed full time by an employer who cares for the employees is such a blessing – I am so grateful to be employed again.

I am also grateful for being healthy.  That is partly up to me, and I do what I can to be as healthy as possible.  Still – for those things that are out of my control and serve me well, I’m thankful.

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