Monday, October 8, 2012

A Year of Gratitude: Day Three Hundred Forty-two

Day 342 – Prior Lessons

Today was a difficult day.  The moving truck arrived, and my heart sank the instant the truck’s rear door was opened.

The moving company had already told me they couldn’t fit all my belongings on the truck because they had incorrectly estimated how much space would be needed.  They gave me all sorts of excuses, and reneged on promises to my mom (who made all the arrangements, as we were moving on the same day from the same place) to ensure everything would be delivered if, in fact, their estimates were wrong.

But when the door opened, it was apparent they had not packed my things in anything close to “professional” terms.  I called the manager back in Portland and was eventually screaming at him as the number of damaged or destroyed items grew longer.

I have never had a worse moving experience in my life.  I figured it out: I have moved 29 times in the past 32 years, and having done most of these moves myself, I know a thing or two about moving.  These guys were the worst.

So what was I grateful for today?  All the lessons I’ve learned about letting go and breathing deeply.  I can’t say I handled it well at every point, though I feel totally justified and not at all regretful for verbally berating the moving company manager for the negligence shown my belongings.  But I’m glad I was able to relax at all, and was glad to have had so many lessons in my past on finding the good in the moment.  I knew that most of my belongings were now with me – those that weren’t destroyed, anyway, or delivered to my mom by mistake – and I could begin the long task of moving into my own home.

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