Monday, October 8, 2012

A Year of Gratitude: Day Three Hundred Forty-four

Day 344 – Separate Utilities

An odd title for a gratitude blog, no?  Well, today I’m grateful that my electricity and gas are supplied by different companies, because the city’s gas and water department decided to cut off my service.  I did my part to inform them of my taking over responsibility, but it turns out my landlord was supposed to contact them, too, to confirm that service should be taken out of his name.  And guess who didn’t do his part…?  That’s right.  I found out that if I send them a copy of my lease, I could avoid having to count on the landlord (something I never knew until now).
The good news is that Southern California Edison didn’t need the same kind of confirmation and my electricity was still on, so my food wasn’t spoiling and I could at least use the microwave oven.  And the toaster, the food processor, and any of the other small appliances.

The gas will be turned on in a couple days.  Oh well… roll with it….

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