Monday, October 8, 2012

A Year of Gratitude: Day Three Hundred Thirty-eight

Day 338 – Conferences

It felt strange attending a conference for work; not that the conference was odd, but knowing I was going to be paid to attend what was, in the end, a big marketing effort was rather foreign.  It has been a long time.

The conference was held by Cornerstone On Demand – a company that makes Learning Management Systems, and the brand that the university is considering buying.  It’s an enormous investment, and my co-worker, Ian, and I were asked to attend.  We went a bunch of break-out sessions primarily designed as forums for existing customers to learn more about what they have, and the large sessions were nothing more than sales pitches.  It seemed they were still speaking the language of current customers, but there was a lot of hype.

I have used Cornerstone On Demand’s LMS before when I worked for Oakwood Worldwide, and, in fact, ran into a former co-worker who now works for them.  It was clear that this products has changed a lot since I used it, and it was exciting to learn what it can do.  We won’t be buying and implementing it soon – probably not until next year – but it was nice to attend, be fed great food in a gorgeous resort setting, and be paid to do so.

Working has its advantages.

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