Friday, July 1, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Twenty

Day 20 - Peace

I can't believe tomorrow will be the end of the third week of this blog.  It doesn't feel like I've been doing it that long (though I admit I'm running out of ideas already, which says more about my lack of creativity than a dearth of possible topics).
At the moment, I am housesitting for my friends Paul and Jim.  First, I’m gratified to know they would entrust their beautiful home to my care, easy as that may be.  Secondly, although it’s not necessarily “in the country,” it sure feels like it.  It’s a sizable house (at least compared to most of the apartments I’ve had in the past) and the quiet here is remarkable.  It's surrounded by a large yard, behind which is an enormous garden they share with a few of the neighbors.  It's a wonderful home.
I am grateful to them for asking me to stay here while they’re away on vacation.  I feel my whole being relaxing.  The peace here is incredible.  Thank you, Paul and Jim, for my mini-vacation.

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