Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Fifty

Day 50 - Summer Breezes
What a beautiful day.  The upside was the sun and warmth - Portland is spectacular in the sunshine.  I’d say it’s the reason summer is my favorite season.  Growing up here, you appreciate the warm, sunny weather because it doesn’t last very long.  
The down side was that I spent this gorgeous day moving the contents a flower shop.  What a crazy ride THAT was, following the enormous florist “cooler” (a triple-wide refrigerator with glass doors) that was not strapped down in the bed of a tiny 1976 Toyota pickup being driven by a would-be mover who, I swear, doesn’t have a screw loose, but rather has several bolts missing or sheared off.  Josef and I both suffered near heart attacks when the guy made a sudden turn - we thought that cooler would tip over and fall on another car, or worse, on a cyclist or pedestrian.
By the end of the afternoon we got most of his things where they needed to go.  (Thanks, Mom, for the wonderful "picnic" lunch!)  It was hard work, but we kept cool with the wonderful breezes that were blowing through.  It was the perfect day for this kind of work.
Then I read a comment from a friend on Facebook that he has a cold, and adapted Seals & Crofts’ lyrics to sing “Summer cold, makes me feel fine.....”  Poor guy.  Love the song, though - it’s one of my favorites from my younger years, and now that’s blowing through my mind along with the summer breezes and jasmine.
I think today was my favorite kind of day (weather-wise, anyway).  I hope I can spend another like it, only sitting on the beach next time.

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