Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Forty-seven

Day 47 - Busy-ness
It was a busy day.
I’m grateful for modern technology that gives me the ability to be as mobile as I was today (Thursday).  I barely stopped to eat (and if you know me well, you know the significance of that statement).  I didn’t even have time to work out at the gym (and if you know me well, you ... well, you get it).
The highlights were a morning PABA BizBuilders networking meeting and a pleasant conversation with Mark, my insurance agent; an enlightening conversation with Emily (thank you for your help!), then a fantastic lunch with Joe - an attorney friend I met at a mixer - who may have a very interesting referral for me.  And while the professional potential is exciting, the conversation was delightful - what a great guy.  Later, I met with a coaching client, also named Joe, who is the most humble, unassuming electronic engineer I’ve ever met.  The guy is brilliant.
I also had a nice dinner - Happy Hour, actually - with John, a successful interior designer, at one of my favorite Portland bars, the Red Cap Garage, whose fish tacos (from the Fish Grotto next door) are only $5 - well worth finding street parking!  The conversation was easy and fun, and the weather was perfect to sit outside and enjoy the breeze, the passersby, and the company.  It was a pleasant evening.
I barely had time to stop today.  I so enjoy being busy in productive ways.  Life is good.

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