Monday, July 4, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Twenty-three

Day 23 - Summer Sun & Raspberries 
Today was a gorgeous day.  I’m happy for those who were outside all day celebrating Independence Day - what a miracle to have such great weather on this holiday!  I was outside, too, doing things I needed to do (including fueling and washing my car).
I also had a quiet day - in fact, it has been a quiet weekend, which is exactly what I needed.  After the past few weeks and the drama contained in them, I just haven’t had the energy to argue with the voices in my head about relationships (or lack thereof), employment situations (or lack thereof), or any of the other topics on which I quietly and regularly judge myself.  No, I gave myself permission to rest today, and my mind was quiet, too.  ...For the most part.
One of the highlights of the day was among the most simple pleasures.  Dessert: French vanilla ice cream buried under fresh raspberries picked from my friend’s garden.  This is the flavor of summer.
Summer is my favorite season.  I can wear shorts and a T-shirt (or not), and be happy and comfortable driving with the top down.  My Miata offers the best in headroom on days like today, and I wouldn’t have any other car.  I washed it knowing that it will still be clean tomorrow.  
Summer means more time outside - longer days, smiling people, walks in nature....  I look forward to the “beaches” along the Columbia River reappearing as the water level recedes, allowing us to enjoy the summer sun a little more.  Maybe I’ll be able to take a road trip somewhere, and maybe see an old friend.  Or maybe I’ll find a new path to try when the mood strikes.
What a wonderful season summer is, and it brings me raspberries.  Life in this moment is good.

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