Friday, July 22, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Forty

Day 40 - Doris Day Parking
I love Doris Day movies, if only for the fact that she NEVER had to drive around the block to find a parking spot.  She ALWAYS found one right in front of her destination.  (And when she drove a convertible, she never had a single hair blown out of place.)
I rejoice when I find that spot right in front of where I’m going.  It’s convenient, it saves me time and effort (and heaven knows how often I’m in a hurry because I left home too late having tried to do too much before I left), and it provides an easy get-away when I’m leaving.  I feel like I won something when I get a spot close to my destination.
I suppose I could leave it at that for this blog - I’m grateful for good parking karma.  But it actually goes a little further.  The occasional win helps me feel good in general.  In life, we have those little moments when something works out just right - it doesn’t have to be anything important - and we perk up because of our momentary good fortune.  
And our hair is OK, too.

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