Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Twenty-nine

Day 29 - Moral Support
I can’t believe I’ve been doing this blog for four weeks now.  How the time flies....
I am grateful today for moral support.  I have received regular, consistent support from my mom, from Stephanie, and from my daughter Elizabeth, as well as less frequent but no less important contact from Ricky, Troy, Judy, Gilbert, “my boys” here in Portland, and several others.  I’m lucky to have their validation and understanding, and always appreciate the positive comments they and others make to help me to keep pressing on.
Today I was given the opportunity to offer it to someone else.  My friend Marcus is going through a really rough time.  He is in the middle of a divorce, and his wife is doing some things that remind me of what my ex-wife did toward me and involving the children.  I can totally understand and empathize with him.  We talked for an hour today, and later he suggested perhaps he had overstepped the bounds of our friendship.  In fact, I was honored that he asked for my input.  I’m not telling him what to do - he has to decide that for himself - but I can tell him what has happened in my life that parallels his experiences, and can offer the insight that comes over time.  I feel good when he says I have helped.
Earlier this week, I also worked with my friend Joe on talking him off the ledge (so to speak) and was able to connect him with my friend Henry.  I am grateful to Henry for supporting me, as well as my friendship with Joe, and helping him take care of logistical needs as I am too far away to be able to be there for him. 
Moral support has helped me survive the most challenging periods of my life - I wouldn’t be here without the countless friends and family who have sustained me over the years - and I’m grateful to pay it forward whenever I can.

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