Sunday, July 24, 2011

A year of Gratitude - Day Forty-two

Day 42 - Alternatives
The word came to my mind because of the “event” of the evening at the Eagle Portland - one might call the leather scene an “alternative” (lifestyle, fetish, or whatever may apply), and there were a few men there who were demonstrating a few alternatives of their own.  I had a good time.  
However, I’m grateful for the fact that we always have alternatives.  We all know the old, tired cliche of when the door closes, the window opens; when the choice we want to make becomes unavailable, we then have another set of options from which to choose.  Rarely are we truly forced into something (though the alternative may be far worse than what is presented, making us feel as if we have no choice).  Knowing that I can choose what is best under the circumstances helps me feel empowered.
I also know that I don’t have to choose right now.  I can choose what to wear or whom to go out with, or not.  Not deciding is a choice, too.  I have many alternatives, and only I can determine whether the choice I make is good.  Others may have an opinion, but as my mother says, “What others think of you is none of your business.”
I also think of the song from “Sunday In the Park with George” where Dot sings, “Stop worrying if your vision is new.  Let others make that decision; they usually do.  You keep moving on!”  We keep moving on, keep making decisions, keep choosing.  It’s all good.
I’m glad I have alternatives, and I will continue trying to choose wisely.

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