Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Forty-eight

Day 48 - The Unexpected
Friday was shot from a cannon.
My day started quickly with a phone interview for a Leadership Trainer position at TravelClick, a global company offering products and services to the hospitality industry.  The surprise was to realize the person conducting this (second) interview was the Sr. VP of HR, whom I had previously identified as the only woman on the company’s executive team, and a key player in the organization.  I came into the interview knowing I have three strong advantages: 1. I have extensive hospitality sales experience; 2. I have been a TravelClick customer and am familiar with their offerings; 3. I am a professional trainer.  But what surprised me the most was what came up during the interview.
It turns out this SVP also worked at Disney World’s EPCOT around the same time I did, and while we didn’t cross paths there, we have a friend in common.  That part of our conversation took about a third of our time together on the phone.  She was pressed for time, or we’d have continued much longer.  (I am supposed to hear back shortly from someone about Step 3 of the process, and she said she wants to continue the discussion.)
My noon networking meeting was as pleasant as ever, and then I had coffee with one of the funniest, humblest, most delightful people I’ve ever met.  If you’ve never had the chance to meet and converse with Kurt Aarrestad, you have been deprived of a wonderful experience.  He’s currently looking for a job, and if I could hire him myself, I would do so just to have someone “in the office” to brighten my day.  ...To brighten everyone’s day  What a great guy.
During our conversation, we talked about the dark times we both have gone through, and how we’ve arrived at our present frame of mind.  Kurt totally understood what I was talking about (and I think vice versa), and then he made a profound comment: when we speak poorly of ourselves, we insult those who care about us by telling them they are wrong (about us).  
I suddenly thought of my best friend, Stephanie, who has handled my darkest days with gracious patience and unconditional validation.  As I left the coffee shop where Kurt and I met, I sent Stephanie a text message simply saying “I love you.”  I hope she knows how much she means to me.  

The day finished with a pleasant dinner with Hal at Starky’s, one of the several restaurants in town I enjoy most.  Except for a little bit of digestive issues afterward (we’re thinking the salads?), it was a nice evening.
Again, as I was getting ready for bed, I was struck with how quickly the day had passed, and how unexpectedly happy I was.  They say “Expect the Unexpected.”  I think I like this.

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