Friday, July 1, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Nineteen

Day 19 - Reminders
On this 19th day of my blog, I had a pretty light day.  
I had a one-time coaching session with a new client (pro bono) in the morning, and I thoroughly enjoyed her energy.  She has targeted a specific company she absolutely wants to work for.  Unfortunately she has a neurological issue that prevents her from standing for long periods or lifting anything substantial, and this company customarily requires all new hires to rotate through all jobs including those where standing and lifting are required before they reach their position of specialty.  While the EEOC requires companies to make reasonable accommodations for those with any disability, I don’t know what this company’s practices are.  
And yet, as I was talking to her about it, I suggested she look at her health issue as a strength instead of a liability.  The company may be benefited in a few ways by hiring someone with her issues; she can bring it to the table with this in mind.  Use it as a trump card of sorts.  Her whole attitude seemed to shift and she credited my passion for coaching.  It wasn’t me - it’s the fact that she knows what she’s doing and is a delightful person.  She was seeing only what she was displaying.  I had the honor of being the mirror.
I’ve also been asked to sit on the board of the Portland Leadership Forum by one of the most connected men in Portland, Cleon Cox.  I know him through his Job Seekers Support Group that meets on Fridays.  I met with Cleon and another leadership trainer, Dick Warn who is also new to this board.  We planned out what the next forum meeting will be (an open question-and-answer forum and Dick and I will be the panelists).  What struck me afterward was how far I’ve come in the last three months in terms of networking and attitude.
I got these two opportunities to remind myself why I do what I do, and why I love it so much.  Somehow, this is all going to come together.  Not sure how yet, but somehow, and hopefully soon.

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