Monday, July 18, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Thirty-seven

Day 37 - Continuity
There is one thing I’m learning to rely on: that regardless of what happens today, tomorrow is still coming with new opportunities.
I received word that, once again, I was the “bridesmaid” and not the “bride” for a job I really wanted.  The feedback was very positive and the feeling I had that the interview went well was confirmed.  But I still came in second place.  And yet I’m not as upset as I might have been a year ago.  Instead, I look at all the evidence of progress I’ve made, and I know deep down progress is still being made.  I’m still moving forward.
New opportunities come - if not every day, certainly every week - and I can count on it to continue.  I know with persistent, consistent effort, results must come.
Proof came this morning in the form of a wonderfully long conversation with my daughter Elizabeth.  We talked about a lot of things - important topics about life and philosophies - and when she started saying to me words I have used myself, I felt as if I had just had the results of nearly 21 years of efforts confirmed.  Do I take credit for her insight or intelligence?  No.  She has developed that with her own hard work and lots of experience.  But I hope that my consistent efforts have helped provide some sort of influence (only she could say how much).
I spoke a few days ago about “affirmations” - this was one of them.  All I can say is that I’m grateful for the continuity of life, as long as it does continue, and the knowledge that tomorrow will come with a refreshed chance for success.

(PS. I had to include this photo of "The Bridesmaid" only because I thought it was hilarious.)

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