Friday, July 22, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Thirty-nine

Day 39 - Mirrors
I am grateful for mirrors.  Not the kind you look at to check if your hair looks OK or your to right your tie.  I’m talking about the many mirrors that are held up to you figuratively - little things you notice that tell you about yourself.
I had some time with a number of friends - it could have been family, co-workers, anyone familiar to me - and an occasional thought would come to mind about something someone did or said that I didn’t like.  I try not to judge anyone, but I’m human.  Sometimes I judge even people I love dearly.  And then I realize I’m really just projecting my own stuff onto them.
Sure, sometimes they are doing or saying something that’s truly annoying.  More often, though, I’m interpreting something in a way that really tells me more about myself - how I feel about my own behavior - and I can learn from it if I’m open to it.
I had a few times today where I recognized bits of myself in others.  I hope with all my heart that I can work on these issues toward real improvement - not so I can say I’m better than other people, but rather so I can accept others with all their issues because I’ve learned to accept, and conquer, my own.

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