Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Ninety-five

Day 195 - Christmas Eve
I woke today with an almost overwhelming feeling of sadness.  I have no idea where it came from or why; I can only guess that my subconscious is processing something.  I read of my friends’ good news, and have an unexplained feeling of melancholy - what’s up with that?  I have to think about celebrating with them, and not be jealous of them.  
After a short cardio workout at the gym on the stationary bike, I headed over to Aquila to pick up the frit plate I made, excited to see how it turned out.  I was delighted!  I took about an hour to sit at the torch, too, and had a great conversation with Scott (C.).  
Then I headed to Mom’s for a bite to eat - simple and easy; later on, we both headed to Rufus and Shelley’s for their annual “Not Your Normal Rockwell Party” holiday martini soiree.  We didn’t know our hosts, but were invited by Scott (W.); I trusted him in inviting us only to something we both would enjoy, and enjoy it we did!  

What a great group of people. Most of the men present (excluding the two Scotts) were, or had been, drag queens - though not in drag tonight - and Shelley evidently was a past Emperor of the Court.  Mom was thoroughly engaged; as we were driving home, I commented that if I had told her ten years ago we would attend this party, she would have laughed out loud.  She replied, “I would have hit you!”  Hahaha!  What a great evening - and we got to keep our martini glasses too!  In fact, Shelley gave us both the matching glass to the one we had chosen.  Wonderful!
I’m grateful for wonderful friends and holidays - they can turn this frown upside down.

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