Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Seventy

Day 170 - Play
I had three meetings today to network with different people - one is another job seeker whom I met at a networking support group and who has attended the one I moderate; the second is a friend of three years whom I view as a mentor in many ways; the third is someone I met at a networking mixer, and it was our first real discussion.  All three meetings were positive, uplifting, and fun.
I also had about an hour to play with glass today.  I didn’t try to make anything specific.  I just wanted to play with the glass to pay attention to how it feels as it moves, how it works as I manipulate it in and out of the flame.  It was just for fun.
I have seen many educational programs over the years about how children (or young animals) learn through play - it is how they prepare themselves for the tasks of adulthood.  As adults, we often forget how useful play is - having fun not only lifts the spirits, but it still allows us to learn, too.
I was so grateful for a chance to play today.

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