Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Seventy-seven

Day 177 - “HR Therapist”
The day started with moderating the Breakfast Club of Portland job seekers networking group, and I felt the meeting went well.  Everyone had a chance to commit to various activities  that will hopefully speed their job searches along, and we were only overtime by ten minutes.  The conversation was good (for the most part; there was one participant who seemed to still be angry about being unemployed), and the participants were motivated.  Each meeting adds one person to the number of attendees, and that makes me feel good about what I’m doing.
A little later, I met with a colleague who had asked me to sit down with her for my opinions on some things.  As soon as we got our coffee/tea at the cafe and chose a table, she told me that she needed a little “HR therapy.”  
This is one of my strengths.
She identified three traits about herself about which she wanted my input; she is feeling frustrated with her boss’ behavior - a VP of HR close to retirement - and wanted my advice on how to “manage up” carefully and effectively.  After a 90 minute discussion, she felt she had enough to move forward confidently.
She called me back a couple hours later to report that something I said in our meeting had had an immediate effect - she was able to do an online search for a template for an Executive Summary and that it would help her manage her boss as she prepares for an upcoming presentation to the company executives.  I was reminded of her opening statement about needing “therapy” and it dawned on me that that is what I do: I am an HR Therapist.  Isn’t it interesting how we find clarity as we help others find theirs?

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