Monday, December 5, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Seventy-four

Day 174 - Personalities
I had the honor of moderating the Portland Leadership Forum meeting today, and the subject was one that is “near and dear to my heart” - interviewing skills and how to engage HR once you’re employed.  It was a panel discussion including three HR professionals currently employed in different industries.  The discussion was very interesting and informative, and I was very glad to have been there.
What offered a different perspective during the meeting was one of the attendees - a woman of some age who repeatedly told us she used to own her own business in the 80’s (a florist business), and who spoke with such volume and force that at times I wondered what her motives were.  I had the impression she was probably difficult to work with, though I tried not to judge.  She definitely put people off, though.
I was reminded later to put this experience in its proper perspective: here was an example of contrast, and in observing the contrast, I am able to determine what I want in my own experience and to focus on that, rather than on the unwanted.  Every time something unpleasant happens, it can be another lesson that further clarifies what is pleasant.  Life’s dichotomies are instructive; I believe it is how and what we learn from them that determine our outcomes.
I am grateful to Yorron, Chuck, Abraham, and others who remind me to focus on what feels good, which will attract more of the same.

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