Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Seventy-two

Day 172 - Acceptance
I was just reading my blog entry from Day 33, and was surprised by a comment I made about my career.  “I also know that I want to eventually make my living exclusively from consulting, and I know I’m on that road.” So much can change in 140 days.
I didn’t want to go back into hotel sales, or sales at all.  But I need a job.  Today, I had three interviews; two were at a hotel in Bellevue, and the other in Seattle.  The Director of Sales at the Bellevue property is a former co-worker I had fallen out of touch with, and the conversation with him was great - it was good to catch up.  I also interviewed with his boss, the General Manager; it was a very good conversation, in which he asked me to let him know of any offer I receive from another property before I accept it.  That made me feel good.
The other hotel is a luxury property on the waterfront - one at which I would be very interested in working (if I have to go back into hospitality), but I don’t know anyone there.  The interview was with the Director of HR, and I thought it went well.  She asked me when I would be back in town, presumably to schedule an interview with the DOS.  
I also received a call from a recruiter about another opening in Seattle.
I felt as if the day were successful; one of these interviews may lead to a job.  It isn’t what I wanted, and if I get one, I will not take my eyes off what I really want to do - training - but what I thought on Day 33 seems to have been a little over-confident.  I hope I can avoid saying I “know” anything moving forward.
Still, the prospect of a job does make me feel good.  I can accept that I don’t know everything, and that any opportunity that comes will lead to something good if I allow it.  I’m not quite ready to leave Portland, so it’s good that these things take time.  I don’t really want to go back into sales - especially catering sales - but I don’t know what connections a job like this could present to me, so I will accept what comes my way, and allow the good to come with it.

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