Friday, December 23, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Ninety

Day 190 - Cat Sitting
Today was my first day of cat sitting.  My friend Denny is visiting family back east for two weeks, and he asked if I might be interested in staying in his cute studio apartment in NW Portland, looking after his cats (and enjoying their company, too).  Of course I said “yes” - I rarely decline requests for help, and I agreed that this might be a nice break in my routine.  I stopped by last week for the keys and a brief tour, so when I arrived today, I was all set.
As I walked in, I was immediately welcomed by the warmth of the heater and the sweet hint of incense - rather like what one experiences when stepping into a spa or an herbalist/naturopath shop.  Peace enveloped me.  Denny left me a note to make sure I had all the information I could need while he is away.  Maddy sat up to greet me, and Tyler ran under the bed - exactly as when I met them briefly last week.
I had a quiet, comfortable evening.  Everything felt right, and I was glad to be helping Denny, totally aware that he was helping me, too.

[In the photo: Maddy on the bed, Tyler on the floor; and out of respect to Denny, I am responsible for the pillow being out of place - the bed was perfectly made when I arrived.]

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