Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Fifty-six

Day 256 - Interviews
I have had a few interviews this week, including a phone screen today, and I have another scheduled for tomorrow morning.  It strikes me how important these conversations are to those of us dealing with long term unemployment.  I think we all would agree that even when the job is less than appealing, or not quite a good fit, or maybe even totally off the mark, the simple fact that someone might want us ends up being a shot in the arm.
I had a nice, brief conversation with a recruiter for Paychex, a national payroll and HR firm who is looking to fill a local position.  Andre only had 30 minutes to speak with me to determine whether I might be interested in, and qualify for, an account manager of sorts who works with new and prospective customers (not a “sales” position).  By the end of the quick chat, I didn’t really feel that he had a full idea of what I could bring to the organization, nor did I have a chance to go into any depth with my questions.  I had little expectation that the process would move forward, despite his comment that he was going to forward my resume to the hiring manager.  I was also left unconvinced that this would be a company into whose culture I would find a natural fit.
Still, knowing that even a passing interest in my abilities helped to lift my spirits for the moment, I have a modicum of hope for tomorrow, too.  

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