Saturday, February 18, 2012

A year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Fifty

Day 250 - “Forced” relaxation
I didn’t have a car today, so there was little to do.  I applied to jobs (there weren’t many to do) and read my emails three or four times.  Fortunately the auto shop was able to work on my car today (it was ready later in the afternoon), but I had to postpone one meeting and skip the other.  Not exactly my plan.
I ended up reading a lot today, which was nice.  There is something pleasant about holding a book (yes, a real, hardbound book, not an electronic device) and being “transported” to another time and place for awhile.  I was home alone through much of the day, and it was peaceful.  
While I did not intend to “take the day off,” it was nice to have this time just to relax.  (...If only it were sunny and warm, and I could have been sitting by the river enjoying the book in the comfort of nature....  Summer is only six months away....)

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