Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Forty-seven

Day 247 - Feeling Wanted
I had a lot on my calendar today, and fortunately it was all good.  Most of it was meeting with individuals who wanted my input on various questions, mostly surrounding the search for work.  All of them were interested in reciprocating, and that felt good, too.  Most of us in this boat seem to understand that working together is as important as finding our individual path.
One meeting felt particularly good.  Last week, I met with Dave, a Goodwill Industries employee embedded at the SE Works office (an outlet for Worksource Oregon), and he put me in touch with his boss, Gary, with whom I met today.  Gary was enthusiastic about our conversation, and we discussed a couple of opportunities Goodwill has in their Job Connection division that he runs; he had me register in their system, and suggested I visit their Gresham location and talk with Debra there.  He told me about a training position that would more closely match my background and interests, and promised to forward my resume to the hiring manager.
Ultimately, it was the momentary feeling of being wanted that made this a pleasant day.  The job seekers I met with seemed to value my input, and Gary appeared to be pleased with our meeting.  This is such a change from what I’ve been facing lately, and a change I really needed for my own sanity.

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