Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Fifty-four

Day 254 - Happy Conversations
I had lunch today with Paul, one of my best friends.  Though we don’t get together often, we always pick up where we left off.  Lately, he has been very attentive to my frustrations, and has been such a good listener.  He lets me talk - and I do plenty of that (I very often wish it were harder for me to let loose).  He’s good to me.  He bought me lunch at a fantastic little Lebanese cafe, and was incredibly supportive.  I value his friendship enormously.
Then I went to Vancouver for what I thought was to be in informational interview with the  Sr. Employment Specialist at Goodwill Job Connection in Vancouver.  I have not been officially interviewing for a job with the organization, though I’ve been talking with them as if the process had been formally started.  (My first formal interview is next week with the leadership team - a good sign!)  
When I sat down with Randy, he asked me if I had my resume.  I was surprised, actually, and felt unprepared.  Thank heavens for smart phones - I accessed my email via my phone, and forwarded the email I had sent to his boss that included my resume as an attachment.  I explained that I didn’t expect this to be an official interview - just a conversation to gather information.  Within a minute or two, Randy had my resume in hand.
I expected our conversation to last maybe an hour.  90 minutes, tops.  It lasted three hours (in large part because he’s more of a talker than I).  Not only did I get quite a bit of information about the organization, but Randy gave me a lot of advice on what to talk to the leaders about and how to present it.  He gave me explicit instructions.  How often do you get that kind of coaching for an interview?
While the job pays an unbelievably low wage, I’m excited about the prospects.  I think I could enjoy this.  I’m grateful for happy conversations.  They simply don’t happen often enough.

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