Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Thirty-four

Day 234 - Good People
I had an “informational interview” today over coffee.  I would normally have called it a “networking coffee meeting,” but this young woman gave me more information than I could have expected.
Lisa is a Epic trainer at Kaiser - a company (and system) into whose training department I have tried to network for years.  Via my networking friend Marsha, Lisa agreed to meet me at Dragonfly Coffee House in NW Portland - a cafe so popular we had to sit outside because there wasn’t a single available table, or even two seats together.  I was grateful for the sunshine on my back.
Lisa is strikingly pretty - she has the most beautiful hazel eyes I have ever seen.  She is smart, articulate, and has a quick smile - I imagine she has fun in the classroom despite complex training issues.  There was little doubt in my mind why she has succeeded in her career.  She gave me a lot of useful information, including the counsel that if I am told I didn’t get the job because I lack healthcare experience, I shouldn’t believe it.  It is an excuse.  Half of the training department did not come from the healthcare field.  
At the end of our conversation, she agreed to help me get my resume noticed if I ever apply for an open position.  Kaiser just announced a hiring freeze, so it may be awhile, but she was gracious and generous in her offer.
While I don’t expect this meeting to lead me anywhere in the short term, it is gratifying to know there are still good people out there willing and ready to help people like me.  It brightened my week.

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