Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Twelve

Day 12 - Work
I’ve been bad.  I haven’t kept up with this the way I should.  So I’m making the effort to catch up, and that means I won’t have put the effort into the next couple entries.  But there are a few things I can mention.
One is gratitude for the work I have.  I was hired for one session to consult with a business owner about how to set up the basics of organizational culture, and it was a very good meeting.  He seems well aligned with the principles of service leadership anyway, but when I ran into him later in the day at a networking mixer, he told others present that I had been very helpful.  That made me feel good.
So while I don’t have enough work to make a living, I do enjoy - and am grateful for - the work that I have.  

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