Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Fourteen

Day 14 - Musicals
Thanks to my dear friend Chip, keyboardist and musician extraordinaire, Mom and I went to see “Mary Poppins - the Musical” today, and it was thoroughly delightful.  It made me want to get back up on stage... until the first production number with all the energetic dancing.  With only a few exceptions, the cast photos all look like children.  I’d swear these are high school yearbook photos, except all done by real photographers.  No, this would be far too young a show for me to audition for, but I digress....

I really enjoyed this production.  Then Chip invited us backstage after the show, giving us a brief tour with explanations of some of the equipment, props, procedures, and the like.  We got to meet one of the dressers (those who help the cast members during numerous costume changes) and then, as he was looking for some props that “appear” out of Mary’s carpet bag, we noticed a whole group of people also being shown around by none other than the young woman playing Mary.  She’s as pretty out of costume as in, and we were pleased to have the chance to compliment her directly.
While I do think my opportunity to be a musical theater performer has passed, I am grateful to have had the experiences I have, and to be able to appreciate musicals now.  True, I didn’t have the theatrical career I wanted, but I can still feel the energy that comes from these wonderful creative people that share this medium with us, escaping for the moment the vagaries of the day, and reminding me of the joy I felt on the stage once upon a time.
And, of course, I’m grateful to Chip for providing us the incredible seats for today’s performance.

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