Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Thirteen

Day 13 - Surprises
I am grateful for bad weather forecasters.  ...I guess it’s not really fair to call them “bad” when those in the Pacific Northwest are consistently wrong.  The fact is the weather here is fairly unpredictable.  It’s not like Southern California when most of what they have to forecast is just the temperatures; even June Gloom is fairly predictable most years, as are the rains of El Niño.
In the Portland area, however, they seem to miss as often as they get it right; maybe more.  And I have been grateful when they forecast clouds and possible showers, and it turns out to be a beautiful day.  It’s like a surprise gift in the mail, or the complimentary shot from the bartender - unexpected and delightful.
Little surprises that brighten my day and make me smile can come via an email or text message.  It might be a phone call or an invitation to an impromptu lunch.  The unexpected good weather, added to the positive activities and conversations of the day made me glad I made the effort.

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