Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Fifteen

Day 15 - A Willing Heart
Today was OK.  I visited with friends, found Tuesday’s testing center easily, drove with the top down, and otherwise spent most of the day studying for Tuesday’s exam.  It was an OK day.
What am I grateful for?  Well... I have already mentioned my friends, and eventually will have to start naming them individually.  I don’t want to repeat anything on this Year of Gratitude list, but it may come to a point where I have to.  Until then, I can’t think of anything that really stands out for today.  (That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything; I’m just not able to bring it up to the conscious mind.)  
So today I am grateful for my heart: it keeps beating willingly, even though my thoughts aren’t in step with it.  There are so many times I’d rather give up, but my heart keeps going.  My breathing continues.  I keep waking up each morning.  And so I keep going, too.

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