Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Ten

Day 10 - Summer
Today wasn’t a bad day, but I didn’t have anything that stood out other than a couple of dear friends.  Chip in particular - a college buddy who is one of very few who has kept in touch over the years, ever since we left the university.  He’s in town with the tour of “Mary Poppins,” and we got together for dinner and drinks.  We had a wonderful evening, and he really brightened my day.
Others have had similar effects on me, and then I realized just how nice it was to have the sun shining today - the first day of summer.  I wasn’t out in it nearly as much as I had planned or hoped, but I was able to drive with the top down.
So today I am grateful for summer - my favorite season - and the warm, renewing sunshine it brings.  May we have a warm, dry summer this year.

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