Friday, September 16, 2011

A year of Gratitude - Day Ninety-six

Day 96 - Friends to Keep You Smiling
This was another long day, and it had some good moments.  I met a wonderful friend for coffee (though I was late due to some building construction that had a lane closed unexpectedly, creating a horrible bottleneck, and then I made the mistake of driving on 5th Avenue where we only have one lane - the other two are reserved for buses - and waited through four cycles of the traffic lights just to move one block).  My friend, Brenda, is a vision - a gorgeous woman who works hard at being fit and healthy.  She’s an inspiration.
Then I met with the moderator of a networking group to discuss the basics of my taking it over - it appears I’ll be moderating the Breakfast Club starting next month.  I wonder what I’m getting myself into....
Then I went to the glass school, and Don (one of the partners) demonstrated to me how he does flowers by implosion (I’m not going to define that here).  Needless to say I need a lot more practice for mine to look anything like his.  It sure was fun to try!  I also did some work for the school, and then laid out two new pieces to fuse to create some sushi platters to match the rest of the set I’ve already made.  
Then I went to Red Cap Garage to meet with my dear friend Randy for happy hour.  I got there early, so I decided to check my email while I waited.
I got a message from the HR director at ClearEdge Power - the company I interviewed with on Tuesday for a job I really want.  In the email she told me that I am her “first choice” for the job, but they have delayed filling it until Q1 of next year for “business reasons.”  Naturally, I was disappointed.  In fact, I wanted to cry.
After a few emails to and from supportive friends and family, Randy showed up.  I was afraid I may be dreadful company after this news, but Randy pulled me out of it.  He made me laugh, and we talked about all sorts of things.  (Turns out he has job worries of his own, which I can totally appreciate.)  He kept me smiling all evening, which is exactly what I needed.
I am lucky to have friends who keep me smiling.  Thank you.

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