Friday, September 2, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Eighty-one

Day 81 - New Audiences
Networking is exhausting.
It’s the middle of the week, the last day of August, and I have very little this month to show for all my efforts except the expense report.  I have spent more this month on gas, coffee meetings, meals, and parking (especially parking) than in any month since I returned from Southern California last winter.  I also received two “rejection notices” today about job applications.  Not fun.
Thankfully, I started the day on a high note.  A new networking contact had invited me to present to a gathering of small business leaders he hosts on Wednesday mornings.  As I began, I was a little disappointed that four of the eight people scheduled to attend didn’t show, so I only had half the audience I had been promised.  Still, there were three people present that I had never met, and two are looking at the possibility of expanding their businesses.  My presentation was an excerpt from a program I developed, “Interviewing Skills for Hiring Managers,” and I received some very positive feedback from them.  You never know....
Sometimes I feel like I’m spinning my wheels (especially when the two other appointments I was supposed to have cancelled at the last minute).  Fortunately, though, when I get to speak to a new audience, it expands my reach just a little more.

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