Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Eighty-eight

Day 88 - A Bed
It was a very long day. 
It was not a terribly productive day, at least in the short term.  I am worn out - burned out - and I am forcing myself to write tonight.  I met with four new contacts today; one had a few ideas of people she could introduce me to.  We’ll see if it produces more than the previous introductions have.  
The day ended at a networking mixer, and I had a good time.  Next Level is a regular (biweekly) mixer that I try not to miss - I always meet someone new, or have a “first real conversation” with someone to whom I may have been introduced previously, but hadn’t really connected.  Tonight was the same - I had a great conversation with someone whom I had met at another event, and then met a new person who was a lot of fun to talk to.
I also spoke with my dear friend Will Simonds.  I told him about this blog, and mentioned that sometimes it’s difficult to come up with something for which I am grateful.  Some days just don’t lend themselves to a gratitude blog.  When I explained that I’m trying to come up with something different every day - 365 different things to be grateful for - he suggested I could be grateful for “the bed, the bed frame, the mattress....”  
I laughed.  My first reaction was to dismiss the whole idea, but then I thought about it a little.  In fact, one could make that argument in all seriousness.  Each part of the bed, and the bed itself, perform a function, a service, for which I’m grateful.  I am grateful to have a bed, instead of sleeping on doorsteps in Chinatown or under the Burnside Bridge.  I am grateful to have friends and family generous enough to allow me to stay with them when I don’t have a home myself.
I am grateful for my bed.

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