Friday, September 2, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Eighty-three

Day 83 - A New Lead
Today was a quieter day.  I didn’t have anything on the calendar except one networking meeting.  I was able to do some chores, cook a nice souffle for dinner, and generally take it easy.  
Then I got an email from an HR friend (also looking for work) about a training position that was posted by a recruiter.  I sent the recruiter a message via LinkedIn right away.  Then I saw his posting via an HR Network email list I subscribe to, so I sent him an email with my resume attached.
I fight my doubts about my chances.  I try not to allow myself to think about all the other training professionals in the area with more impressive resumes.  I just sent it off as quickly as I could with a cover letter that explained how well qualified I am.  (I’m going to  avoid thinking about how I didn’t talk about my passions and what makes me who I am - important information for a cover letter that I totally forgot to discuss.)
At least I have a new lead.  Thank goodness they come in from time to time.  And thank you, Virginia, for thinking of me.

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