Friday, September 16, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Ninety-seven

Day 97 - Priorities
I had to postpone a networking coffee date with a guy I really respect.  I wasn’t able to get everything done this morning that I needed to do (like preparing Catherine’s birthday card for mailing) and still meet with him.  I felt bad, but he let me off the hook pretty easily.  We’ll touch bases over the weekend and hopefully get together on Monday instead.
I did get most of my tasks accomplished this morning, which made me feel better.  My one meeting today was the Job Finders Support Group.  Cleon Cox has a lot of experience facilitating groups, and is becoming quite the mentor to me (I wonder if he knows that).  I’m learning a great deal from him.

(As I write this, there are certain things about him that remind me of my dad.  Hmmm... there's something to ponder.)
As I was addressing the group about my current efforts (including finally coming in first for a job, but having it delayed until next year), I realized that I’m really beginning to spread myself too thin with the non-income-producing efforts I make, and I’m going to have to prioritize my time.  It’s nice to have to make choices instead of doing everything I can just to stay busy.  I’m having to choose those activities that actually bring me some value.  It’s nice to have to choose between good things.
And the support from the group was invaluable.
I hope I’m choosing my priorities wisely, and grateful that the choices are mine to make.

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