Friday, September 2, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Eighty

Day 80 - Jigsaw Puzzles
I had the chance to share a meal with a colleague I’ve only met relatively recently, but for whom I’m building quite an admiration.  She is intelligent, articulate, and intuitive.  We spoke of many things - relationships and dating, interpersonal communication, conflict in the workplace - all over a fantastic (and inexpensive) lunch at Salvador Molly’s in Hillsdale.  
As we enjoyed our salads, I was telling her about a program I want to develop on training leaders (particularly men) on being gender-neutral; I have told several others of my ideas, and during each conversation, a little more of the puzzle seems to come together.  This time, I realized that as I put a few more pieces in place, I am starting to see an image appear.  There isn’t enough of it put together to make sense yet, but I can see a pattern developing and where I think I want to take it.  If it weren’t for this conversation, I wouldn’t have made this progress.
I’m grateful to have access to such insightful people that they help me to develop these ideas.  Thank you, Berry, for helping me put a few more pieces of this jigsaw puzzle into place.  Let’s do that again.

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