Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Year of Gratitude: Day Three Hundred Twenty-three

Day 323: Work

Today was my first day of work.  It was surreal.  After more than three years of being out of work and wanting to work, and wanting this day more than just about anything else, here I was.  I was nervous and excited in ways I had never been with other jobs or other times in my life.  In fact, it felt rather odd.

I went through the necessary "stuff" to get started as an employee; my orientation would be pretty simple (not exactly what I would create as an on-boarding plan, but we'll see).  I was shown my cubicle - right outside my boss' door - and told that I'd eventually be moving into the cube next to it, which was slightly larger and right next to my co-worker.  We had to wait for IT to move my computer and set things up.

The best news was to find out that my benefits (insurance, etc.) would start on the first full day of the first full month of employment.  That would be tomorrow!  How often do you start a job with immediate benefits?  I was amazed.

I don't think my feet ever really touched the floor, though I was aware that nothing is perfect.  I was just so glad to be working again.  I'm on board - let's get this ride going!

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