Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Year of Gratitude: Day Three Hundred Twenty-two

Day 322: Progress

As I begin this entry, I noticed that I had accidentally repeated the title "Continuity" in my blog - the first post was Day 37 and the second Day 290.  I guess I'll have to allow myself to repeat concepts since what is done is done.  So much for that rule.  Still, the idea of finding something new remains, so maybe breaking the rule isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Maybe I'm making some personal progress in spite of breaking the rules.  Hmmmm... there's a thought.

So today is about "Progress."  I've written about Artistic Progress and Seeing Progress in Others; today is about general progress - a view of one aspect of the process.

I met today with an acquaintance, Candace, whom I met in Portland in the Job Finders Support Group.  She had landed a job in Irvine last year - just a mile or two from where my job will be - and we met for coffee at Hot Java, my favorite coffee shop in Long Beach.  We had corresponded after she had been here for awhile (and before I arrived), and today she admitted she wasn't happy in her new job.  The company was going through a difficult time financially and in market share, and its structure and culture were changing significantly.  Her job had morphed rather quickly into something she wasn't expecting and wasn't enjoying, and she knew there was a possibility that the job might get eliminated if the company's situation got worse.

So she got back into networking, and fairly quickly connected with someone at Chevron who gave her an opportunity to meet and chat.  To make the story short, she ended up getting a great position, higher pay and greater security.  She would have to move, but the company would cover her relocation.  We met over coffee knowing that this would be the only opportunity we'd have to meet in person before she moved to Texas to take this job.  

I was delighted for her.  It reminded me of the importance of networking WHILE you're working.  It's something I hope to restart once I get myself into a routine here.  One never knows what the universe brings, but progress is inevitable.  Networking, talking to people, reaching out to others - it's a crucial part of the process.  It's great when we can choose the progress we create, rather than react to the progress that comes.

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