Friday, September 21, 2012

A Year of Gratitude: Day Three Hundred Twenty-four

Day 324 – Benefits

Today begins my eligibility for my employer-supplied benefits – health, dental and vision insurance, 401K, and all the rest.  Yes, this is “day 2” of my employment.  It seems unbelievable, but I got lucky here – the university’s benefits policy is to start benefits the first day of the first full month of employment.  That would be today. 

There is a mild sense of relief.  I know that it will take some time to set everything up since I barely started – I haven’t even had my first meeting with our benefits specialist!  But knowing that I’m covered and would get reimbursed if anything happens now feels good.  I’m grateful that Brandman has made some choices that are clearly in the best interests of its employees, and where that interest for the employee comes before the benefit to the organization.  This is the way it ought to be.

Life is good today.

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