Monday, November 5, 2012

A Year of Gratitude: Day Three Hundred Sixty-four

Day 364 – Deadlines

Deadlines have a way of motivating you; sometimes it offers you the “light at the end of the tunnel” I wrote about a few days ago; sometimes it helps you to finally do something you’ve been putting off.  Either way, if it’s important to you to meet your deadlines, they’re helpful in getting things done.

I have a couple of deadlines looming.  The farther one is to have my house set up enough to accommodate a friend who will be staying with me while he is between homes for a few weeks.  (I couldn’t help but offer when he said he didn’t have a place lined up, though I wonder just how good a host I could possibly be as I contemplate the disaster that is currently my home.)  I need to get the place organized at least enough to lay down the second mattress set and make a bed for him.

The closer deadline is the end of this blog (or at least the current purpose of it).  My 50th birthday is the goal here – to write something for which I am grateful for each day of my 50th year.  I have not been diligent about staying on time with it; “Life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans,” said John Lennon several decades ago, and it still is true.  I am glad to have this deadline coming, and a little apprehensive, too.  Things aren’t quite where I had hoped they would be after a year, though I am hardly in a place to complain.  A lot of good has come this year, and a lot of growth.  I hope with time I can see a greater change toward the positive than I see now.

So with that, I’m grateful for deadlines, and their ability to help me accomplish what I set out to do… whenever I get around to doing them. 

Now, I have another box to unpack.

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