Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Little (Accidental) Gifts

I was surprised today by a message someone sent me that clearly was intended to hurt my feelings.  Something unexpected happened: I was not offended, much less hurt; in fact, it made me laugh.  Its content was so juvenile that it surprised me.  I had been agonizing over the situation I was in with this individual, and then he dropped a little bomb on me that bounced.  And bounced and bounced.  It was funny.  I felt a weight was lifted off my chest; I could breathe.  The escape hatch opened, and I stepped through with ease into a space where the light was shining all around me and I was free to move on.  His note was my vehicle. 
Suddenly, the author of this message was in my rear view mirror – very small and distant, insignificant – and he had no further effect on my emotions.  It was as if I had just spent the last month with my feet stuck in mud only to have been pulled out of my shoes and sent rocketing into my future in one movement.  I was flying; I was free.

It was a gift he gave me – a little accidental gift, borne of malice – that brought light to what started as a very dark day.  He has no idea just how glad I am.


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